Where do I find my Player ID#?

Your Player ID# is a unique ID for your account. This ID is essential for Fresh Deck Poker Support to locate your account and assist you with any account-related inquiries. If you are unsure of your Player ID# you can locate it by doing the following:

Mobile: You may locate your Player ID# in the bottom right-hand corner of your Profile (click the Profile button in the lower left-hand corner of the Home screen) or within the Settings (click the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Home screen)

Facebook: To locate your Player ID# while playing Fresh Deck Poker on Facebook, click the Profile link and then click My Profile. The Player ID# will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the Profile window.

If you play Fresh Deck Poker on both your mobile device (as a Guest) and via Facebook then you may have two different Player ID#s. It is recommended that users use their FB account to log in when playing the Fresh Deck Poker mobile app so that if you play FDP on both mobile and FB then your account balance, history, etc. will remain the same.