Selecting Your Table

In the Fresh Deck Poker Lobby, you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of poker tables with varying buy-ins, stakes and players:

  • Hold'em: Shows all the live Texas Hold’em and Royal Hold'em tables that are currently available. Simply use the drop down menu to select you desired stages or scroll through the table list. You can toggle which tables to view by using the Any Stakes, Hide Empty and Hide Full tabs.
  • Sit-N-Gos: Shows all available Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments. What are Sit-N-Gos?
  • Smart Seat: The "Smart Seat" is great for beginners (and experts too!) since it guides you through the table selection process by asking you what your preferences are. Pick the Game Type, Game Mode and Stakes that you're comfortable with.
  • New Games: Provides a shortcut to our latest gaming options including Fresh Scratchers and Royal Hold'em.

And hey, if all of these options seem too confusing, just click that big “PLAY NOW!” button to start bluffing and winning your way to the top!