What is the Cardroom Code of Conduct?

In order to ensure that everyone enjoys a fair gaming experience while playing in our card rooms, we have instituted a zero-tolerance policy for the following activities:

Collusion: This is when two or more players share information to gain an advantage over other players at the table, including (but not limited to):

  • Communicating active or recently-folded starting cards during the same hand-in-progress
  • Coaching on playing strategy to participants involved in live hands
  • Working with a partner to trap other players in the pot by using calculated raises and re-raises
  • "Soft-playing" opponents involved in the same hand, which means not betting the full strength of your hand due to a personal or financial relationship with someone else involved in the hand
  • Checking the best possible hand when last to act in a pot

Multi-Accounting: Players may only have one, single account. Multi-Accounting is expressly prohibited, which includes:

  • Creating more than one account for any reason
  • Using anyone else’s account for any reason
  • Having access or influence over more than one account at the same table, tournament, or Sit-N-Go at the same time

Chip Dumping: Intentionally losing a hand in order to transfer game currency to another player.

Unauthorized Buying and Selling of Game Currency: The only permitted method of purchasing game currency is through our in-game Store.

  • Buying game currency from any other source (and arranging some sort of in-game chip dumping or multi-accounting to transfer it) is not allowed
  • •Offering to sell game currency to others in-game or outside the game is prohibited

Bots or Other Prohibited Software: Every player account must be used by a real person - no automated playing software or devices may be used.

  • In addition, software granting users an insight into other players’ history or habits, beyond what’s been directly observed by the user, is not permitted
  • This includes the use of data-mined hand histories obtained from outside sources

Chat Abuse: Chatting to others while playing is encouraged! However, chat logs are stored and improper use of the chat feature will not be tolerated, specifically:

  • Statements of a grossly offensive, hateful, bigoted or racist nature
  • Harassment and/or abuse of other players
  • Advertising or promotion of other products, services and/or websites
  • Begging players for gifts, chips, or other game currency
  • Displaying personal or sensitive account information about any player (including yourself!)
  • Use of any language other than English, so that all players may be reasonably sure there is no collusion occurring against them